The Captains Quarters

Our master bedroom on the Cape has been a little scant in the decorating department. I struggled to find affordable lamps that ‘fit’ the space. It seemed that every colorful lamp I found was way too tall. And I struggled with color. I knew our master bedroom was looking rather bland with all of the tan and white but felt that bright colored lamps would limit our art and bedding options in the future.  So in the end I settled on some off-white lamps.


Then I added in some color by making new pillow covers for some pillows that used to be in my parents house.  Thanks Mom!


I found this fabric at the OnlineFabricStore here and it was really affordable ($7.45 a yard) and durable.


A funny thing about these pillows is that after making them I found similar ones at Pottery Barn for much more!


I swear I made these myself. And I’ve got the mess to prove it.



The orange adds a summery feel to the room and plays well with the way-to-small aqua rug. This rug was an oldie from Crate and Barrel that reminds me of my former life in a Boston apartment. Maybe some day we’ll replace it.  Maybe not.


With the exception of some art work to add to the oars (a fabulous housewarming gift from my sister – thanks again Annie!) the master bedroom is feeling pretty much finished for now. I could go on accessorizing with baskets on the nightstand shelves and knickknacks here and there but I remind myself that this is our vacation home where it’s best left simple and uncluttered.


I’ve been adding to some to the Cape House photos on the main page as we continue to update the house so be sure to check those out too!

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