Curtain Call

This past weekend was a rainy weekend on the Cape and I somehow found the motivation to spend half the day sewing away to get our kitchen curtains done. Most of the day was really spent measuring, cutting, and ironing.  The sewing part was easy.  And then there was the long drive in rainy day mall traffic to get to Home Depot for some window hardware.  But it got us out of the house.  And for once, I finished a project in a day!


I already shared the fabric from OnlineFabricStore here. Luckily they sent me just a little extra fabric which made this whole project possible!


I cut the fabric to size and then folded over the edges, ironed, and then folded the fabric again.  Since the fabric is a thick linen-like fabric it wasn’t so easy to get a straight line so I used a metal yard stick to help during the ironing process for a precise seam. I repeated this process for three of the sides leaving the top of the curtain unfinished.


Then I did the same thing with the curtain lining fabric that I bought from Joann Fabric.  Only, they shorted me an inch on the two yards I purchased when I really needed two yards plus one inch.  Bummer. But not the end of the world.


When I finished the three edges of the curtains I pinned them together finished sides touching.  You can see that the lining ended up a little short but because of the window frames I knew this would not be visible from outside.


The next step was to sew the tops of the curtain together and then turn them right side out. I left the three finished sides loose so it would fall like a slip under a skirt. I feared that sewing the backing to the curtains would make them pucker in places.



The hardest part was figuring out how to hand the finished curtains.  I decided that I did not was to sew a pocket for the curtain rod.  So I tacked pockets at the ends for the rods.


The heavier fabric wanted to pull the longer of the two curtains forward on the rod but a center support for the rod allowed me to anchor the middle of the curtain to stop it from drooping.


Overall, I am happy with the finished product.  I had doubts about the wild print at first but it’s growing on me.  The kitchen is much darker with the curtains but it should help keep out the morning sun on those hot summer days. I’ll have to take some better photos with my camera and not my camera phone.


Oh, and did you notice the bench? It is installed! I’ll be back with an update on that soon!


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