The Office Renovation

Happy New Year my blog world friends! It’s been a while and I think I’ll write more about my little break later.  But for now, it is time for an update on the office.


Let’s start by remembering where we left off (here).  Howard had just installed new base boards. But it was still not a place we wanted to spend any time.

The office had come a long way from the pink where it started. Check out those curtains!


While we still have a lot of pink paint drops all over the floor from the prior owner, the room is far from pink now.  It went down like this:






The walls are now Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist and the trim is Cotton Ball. Balboa Mist is a soft grey color. I was careful not to use something that felt cool. I wanted the room to feel warm.

I decided to leave the gold hardware for now because I don’t really find it offensive but HHH (Headless Husband Howard) did switch out all the electrical fixtures.


The new rug was a Win it Wednesday score from Surya rugs!! (Thanks Surya Social!) We already have a couple Surya rugs in the house and were lucky to win this colorful 5 x 8 wool rug to add some color to the room.


Howard also bought me the Poang chair from Ikea.  I think you all know how I despise Ikea furniture since it has such a short lifespan and ends up in a landfill before most furniture.  But this chair is just so comfy.  I also added a little Ikea faux fur.  They also have the real sheepskin deal but the vegetarian in me just couldn’t do it.  Plus this faux fur can be washed while the real deal cannot.


I always wanted to enjoy this room and now I do.  The addition of some new art from our generous uncle really helped to make the room feel more modern.  And I added my own touch with a framed mouse that once belonged to Mishu.


We now have a comfortable place to curl up with a book or whatever when the afternoon sun streams in the back window. I just need to make to a pouf that slips under the chair for a full lounging affect.


Tell me, what projects have you started in the New Year?

We have more up our sleeves so keep checking back. HHH even said he might show his face this year on the blog! Could it really happen?! Stay tuned.

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