A Break from Blogging

It felt good to take a break from the blog. Blogging was not feeling fun anymore and at the end of the day I have to remind myself that this is a hobby.  I do not make any money by blogging. In fact, I pay for my domain and media storage so this site falls into the hobby category and not a business.  Hobbies are fun.

Putting used tiles in the garden is ridiculous and fun.


A few things led to the time off and moving forward I need to fix them.  They include:

  • Feeling pressure to post. I have a full time job that, at times, can be very demanding. While I don’t work until the wee hours of the morning, work does come home with me a lot even if it’s just in my head and eating my creative juices. Adding pressure to post regularly was making the blog feel like a chore. Not fun.
  • Feeling like the content isn’t good enough.  I’m not trying to impress anyone but I sometimes feel like photos aren’t good enough, or the content is too boring. Or it’s taking too long to get the bathroom done. I had to reset and remember that this blog is an online diary of our photos, our progress, our successes and failures, and most importantly an inventory of all our paint colors!  The blog comes in very handy when we are out shopping and wonder, if something will look good with the colors or space we have.
  • Creating projects. I am very blessed to have two houses that do not need any real work. They are completely livable and do not require any major work other than regular maintenance. I am very lucky that our projects are typically cosmetic.  Often times to create material for the blog I’ll start dreaming up the next big project which ultimately was adding to my husband’s stress. He was interpreting my posts as projects that I thought needed to happen.  I sometimes use the blog as my wish list and use it to get the ideas that clutter up my head onto paper.  So while my big dreams were a fun creation for me, they were hard for my husband to see when he tries so hard to give me everything I want in this life.
  • Negative comments. I can’t believe that I could let a few rude comments impact anything I am doing. At the end of the day we are never going to have a million dollar house.  If you want to see million dollar houses with designer fabrics and custom built carpentry please look elsewhere. We are not perfect and neither is the blog.

And I can’t forget just overall lack of time.  Having two houses means a lot of upkeep. There is cleaning, dishes, yard work, and the travel time in between.


DSC_1013At the end of the day it feels like home and that’s all the matters here.  And no, I still haven’t gotten around to painting the front door in a new glossy red… But it is still on my list!

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