Let the Basement Chaos Begin

I know I started talking about redoing the basement ages ago. And even put it on our New Year’s to do list for 2014 (here).  Sadly nothing happened.


The basement is used for the treadmill and beyond that, storage, or a dumping ground for things that need to be off the main living floor. It’s also the main area for wrapping and hiding Christmas presents.


We did buy a weight rack which helped the gym area stay functional.  But otherwise it needs an upgrade.


The brown poopy color palette is not working. Yes, I said poopy. The walls are a textured Ralph Lauren suede paint. It probably cost a fortune. Never ever use suede paint in your home. It is disgusting.  It does not look like suede and why would you want suede walls anyways?


Besides the main tv and gym area we have a second guest room. Although it is far from anywhere I would like to put guests. It is reserved for those that stick around after my late night dance parties and are not planning to drive home. 

The guest room is also dumping grounds for all of the guitar and golf equipment.  And there is a foosball table just in case the dance party didn’t tire out our guests.



Finally taking the plunge into the basement project meant ripping up the carpet. Actually it meant HHH (Headless Husband Howard) needed to rip up the carpet.

DSC_0651Underneath was a painted floor that matched the walls in the upstairs bathroom before I painted them (here). Oh how I loathe that pinkish tan foundation color!



Once the carpets were up we were pleasantly surprised to see no signs of water or other set backs. Our goal to move forward with laminate or engineered hardwood is moving forward. We know we need to level the floor and that is going to take some time but we couldn’t stop ourselves from bringing home some samples to try out.




As of now we are leaning towards using Pergo laminate flooring since they get such good reviews and we have no fears of water damage.  It is half the price of using engineered hardwood.  Only I have not been too fond of any of the in-stock colors at Lowe’s and Home Depot. I keep reminding myself that at the end of the day this is only a basement. And we have a long way to go before the floors can be installed.  Stay tuned!

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