A February Update

I am still alive.  This winter has made me want to hibernate.  I’ve been useless around the house other than for cleaning at the end of the weekend when I have no more time left to procrastinate. And I have not been in the mood to share.




It’s been snowy.  The basement is a mess.  The project we started (here) a few months ago has come to a complete halt.

The only thing I have accomplished is finally finding a new rug for the family room.


It is one step towards getting a new couch. But we have an extra chair cluttering the space due to the basement project and my buttercream couch matches the gold tones in the rug a bit better.


And I love this rug. Enough to roll around on it like a fool.


I splurged a bit on a high quality Nourison New Zealand Wool rug (here).  I bought it from Home Depot because they had free shipping and it’s easy to return.  And, the price was much less than any other place. I almost suspected the price was an error – and I think I was right because it’s gone up since!


After a lot of research I learned that a New Zealand Wool rug was a superior choice for us because they are naturally stain resistant and flame resistant.  I’ve already been lucky with the flame resistant part – see the wood stove over there? Yikes. I was ready for a disaster. But we survived.


The room is more functional due to a cute little Ballard Design marble side table from my mother in law. I love to use it for my coffee…and err… leftover Christmas cookies in the morning.



The room is also extra awesome now because my sister gave me the best Pottery Barn throw (here) for Christmas!


It’s funny how sometimes I just pet the faux fur. It’s so soft but so heavy and warm.


So that’s a wrap for this month. I have a bazillion snow photos that I might post next week.  But seeing them is sort of depressing so maybe I’ll need to find something else to share.  Have a good weekend!


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