The Tale of Two Slipcovers

Wowee! It’s been almost a full year since I’ve posted. Trust me, we have not been light on projects.  But, I’ve been lazy in documenting everything. It took these two slipcovers to make me feel like I needed to share again…..

DSC_0092 (2)

And the lesson here? Never try to make your own slipcovers! Ha. No, they really weren’t too bad and I spread the effort out over two weekends. Each took 2-hours to sew.  The trouble was that I had no pattern and I had no idea how to make a slipcover.

I was inspired by Kathleen over at Lindsay Hill Interiors who made her slipcovers look so easy!

Picking out the fabric may have been the hardest chore. I ordered a few duck cloth samples online but didn’t like any of them.  And then I worried that using a white fabric would only show cat hair.  In the end, I used a heavy chino-like fabric that I already had. Anyone remember when Banana Republic had a home line? I had a chino duvet cover! So, with free (or already paid for) fabric I had nothing to lose!


While the chairs are not perfect, the slipcovers are fine for making them look matchy-matchy.  And when the basement is done… yes, we are still working on that… they will probably end up down there for guitar playing. Armless chairs are best for those jam sessions.

DSC_0093 (2)



The pillows were hand-me-downs from my mother from Pottery Barn – thanks Mom! She gave me a bunch of pillows so I could reuse the inserts. When I regain my motivation for sewing again I’ll recover them.  Until then…




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