A Shopping Cart Full of Pillows

Now that the basement construction is coming together it’s time for me to get my decorating on. As I mentioned before (here) I’m decorating around the big manly monster couch in this room. I tried resisting. I tried complaining. It go me nowhere and problem even lost me a foot rub or two. Boo.


Plan B is to embrace the couch and plan around it which was already done with the wall color.


I started out with a mood board which has gotten a little outdated but you can see where I’m heading.  The idea is to lighten up the basement since it was such a dark place. But I didn’t want the room to feel cold so I’m planning to bring the warmth back in with texture.


I started with a shag rug from Surya.  It’s the Surya Casablanca rug. I’ve been happy with our Surya rugs in the past but I’m a little disappointed in this rug.  I probably should have known the quality was lacking when the price for a 6×9 rug didn’t make me feel like I need to pinch my pennies for a few weeks after purchasing it. But it’s just a basement.  I just thought it would be little lusher based on the photo. Safavieh-Handmade-Casablanca-Moroccan-White-Black-N.Z.-Wool-Shag-Rug-6-x-9-305d826b-8756-401d-ae52-bfc079d54d52_600

Then began the pillow shopping.  I thought I wanted to do African mud cloth pillows.  I figured I could easily sew the cases myself if I could find the fabric. If I could just find the fabric…. I gave up.  I almost bought some from Homegirl’s collection on Etsy but I chickened out.


So, I went to Pottery Barn online and threw every pillow imaginable onto our couch to see what worked.


And then I saw my checkout. And realized half of the pillows were final sale. What? No way.


If you know me, you know I am the queen of returns. I seriously think somewhere there must be a secret mark on my name that says do not sell to this girl because she will just return it later.

Then I had this brilliant idea to check H&M.  I don’t shop at H&M but remembered seeing that they have home items. And they are trendy. And what do you know – H&M has tons of pillow covers that are cotton and affordable!  I piled them up to mimic my original black and white idea.  I thought some yellow would add color but HHH (Headless Husband Howard) said no yellow. And no pillows with cheesy wording.  hmrejected

I narrowed down the count and saved hundreds from would have been a disastrous Pottery Barn order.


Now I’m patiently awaiting my pillows.  We’ll see if they live up to their hype when they arrive later this week. In the event they don’t, let me know where else I should look!

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