The New Driveway (Almost Complete)

Leave it to my husband to “need a project to keep [him] busy” during our Cape Cod vacation week….


We arrived last week to find a bunch of dumped cobblestones that, despite being about 20 pounds each, were quickly stacked into a pile. And the excitement began!

Our driveway at the house was nothing more than a patchy mix of grass and sand where we park under a giant maple tree. I was sick of tracking never-ending sand into my car and HHH (headless husband Howard) was worried about the cars being parked on dewy grass which would emit moisture and potentially contribute to frame rot.  Since we ordered a new Jeep Wrangler this is a concern since rot seems to be the norm!


We had already spent a couple of weekends staking out the area and sketching up a plan so we he was ready to get going.





I feel I must disclose that I did no work on this project whatsoever!!  But I was a dedicated passenger when it was time to run to the store for bag after bag of dry concrete mix.  In total the project used about 24 bags of 80-pound concrete mix.



The plan is to fill in the driveway with crushed stone but some additional digging needs to be done to remove the grass and depress the driveway to allow for approximately 3 inches of stone coverage.  We thought about using crushed shells which is a popular choice on the Cape but since the driveway is under a tree, we felt it would be a constant mess of debris and the sun wouldn’t be able to hit the shells to keep them bleached white in color.  We may add some shells to the top of the gravel which I’ve seen places and it looks pretty good.


Finally the cracks between the cobbles were filled with mortar.  We created an apron of sorts for foot traffic to the patio. I was worried about tripping over the raised cobblestones. The plan is to eventually add stepping stones to connect the patio and the driveway.  We played with the idea of extending the cobblestones and gravel path to connect the two but seemed like a strange geometry.


Let me know, have you ever thought about building a driveway? How do you spend your summer vacation?

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