A Gravel Ending

Hi guys and gals! It’s been some time… and the driveway was finished months ago!

I admit, I’ve drifted. This blog was fun for so long. And then something changed. I didn’t like the content – much of it felt forced and I felt like I had to post. And then folks at my office found out about my little blog life. I guess I almost became embarrassed. Which sounds really silly since I’ve put all of our projects on the internet! How much more public could I be than that? But somehow my anonymity was lost in my daily life.  And I wanted to keep my personal life separate from my professional life. I guess I’d make a terrible celebrity.

I also quit my job.  I took two weeks off with the full intent of posting during that time.  I really wanted to give the blog a refreshed look. I had a list of a bazillion things I wanted to do at home. But, somehow the days disappeared. I took a lot of long runs and found an excuse to celebrate with wine and food at every turn.  It was nice to be relaxed and let my hair get salty and dirty.


So anyways, I don’t know if I’m here to stay.  But hello for now. It’s time to end the driveway project (started here: Part I).

I think the photos are pretty self explanatory but fail to show all of the hard manual labor (done by HHH) on this project.


We were cautious at every step and even bought a gallon of stones to see if they were the right diameter.

img_1529And then we got our delivery…


We picked out the stones for the apron and then needed a third delivery. Our neighbors thought the house blew up when they heard the apron stones unloading.  They were heavy!


HHH worked diligently in the hot sun to make sure the apron was flush. I would go out for an hour long run and come back thinking I was exhausted but he was working ten times as hard. We had some really hot and humid weather and luckily a beach umbrella to provide some relief.



In the end the driveway ended up looking professionally done.


Having a real driveway has been great on rainy days. And our cars no longer have a puddle of sand in them which is the best part! HHH’s hands have also recovered from all of the blisters and lifting of stones. I’m keeping hope that he’ll consider installing them around the garden beds at the other house in the future. Fingers crossed!

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