Basement Progress

Once upon a time, I would have drawn out this post into a week’s worth of details. But I just don’t have the energy…  or more like the time these days. So I’ll give a 3 month update in one post. Lucky you!

Let’s start in the gym section. It’s the closest to done thanks to the floor being finished, the radiators replaced, and the new shelf installed!  I don’t need this section to be done to reap the benefits of being able to catch up on Fixer Upper or Grey Anatomy while logging a few miles.


And yes, that’s just some weird shadow on the wall forming the Number 1.

Repairing the stairs has taken a considerable amount of HHH’s (Headless Husband Howard) time.  The stairs were always bouncy and so he cut out a second support column to go behind all of the treads.  When that didn’t work, he decided to rip up all of the treads because the lumber was just not thick enough to reduce the bounce.  And let me tell you, these stairs are solid!


The trim going up the stairs still needs to be installed. There is a gap in the wall where the sheet rock *tried* to match the old carpet.  The job wasn’t done right in the first place. So we are doing our best to right the condition without ripping it all out.


We have also made some progress with the built-ins which now has the electric stove inserted. My effort was most evident in the placement of the stones. Isn’t it dreamy?


At this point, HHH got a little hung up and had to replay all of Ratchet and Clank on the PS2.  But heck, I guess he deserved it!

Then we were off to the fancy-pants lumberyard which took up most of one Saturday. But it was pretty dreamy (for a lumberyard)! These cuts were a smooth as a baby’s bottom.


We picked out a maple counter.  I was tempted by some fir because of it’s pretty grains but the floor is maple so we stuck with that.  We plan to stain it a medium color.



Now we were are back to figuring out how to get the fireplace trimmed out. Remember, we have the floating laminate floor so the flooring could not be installed right up to the built-ins. And we need to trim out the rest of the area at the base of the stairs. The cat is making a mess of the wall in this spot. She seems to think this counter height ledge is just for her!


Anyways, lot’s left to do!  If you missed anything you can catch up here here and here


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