Deep thoughts from the friendly skies

I was at the airport today and I heard an announcement from Cape Air that boarding started for the flight to Nantucket. Aah, Nantucket. I wished I was on that flight. Thoughts of wandering through the little stores danced through my head. And I was reminded of the little home store I’ve always wanted to own, curate, and live in.  Well, almost live in.

Over the past year, I took a new job. I’ve been working more than ever and my stress level was almost going to blow off our roof.  So I had to give up something. I parted with the blog, I let the domain ownership slip. It was a relief. But, I lost a part of me in doing so. I lost my hobby, my escape, my little place of wonderland. Because we all know that when you have a blog you can make things appear to be pastel and perfect.  But, I promise, that the spray paint thing was *real*….


Jump forward to today. I’m still fixated on beautiful fabrics. I still love a good furniture rearrange. I’m not finding the time to be quite so crafty today and honestly, need to let go of some of the silly things objects I created for the blog many years ago.


But, this space? I’m not sure I’m ready to let go.

Our homes have evolved so much since I populated the photos on this site. I honestly still have not learned use my camera. I really should do that. I want to do that.

Maybe this space evolves into a dairy of things I love. And things I don’t want to forget. Like homemade soup. And beach days. And soy lattes.




I want to keep moving forward. Sometimes I feel like work has taken over my world. This was my world and I think I want it back.



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