A Basement Update

Remember waaaaay back when we started talking about the basement project here? It’s too scary to even look at where we started now.  We have come so far…. !

If you remember, I lost the couch battle (more here). But I think I’ve gotten over it.

We still need to build out the rest of the bookcase and install the counter top but the look is much cleaner. It’s funny how long things take – especially when you have to wait for your husband to level the floor and rebuild the stairs. And then you factor in a picky wife who isn’t quite sure of any decision. For example, the counter has at least three different colors of stain on it. It just has to be *perfect*!!

Speaking of perfect, I convinced HHH (headless husband Howard) that I needed a new knob to the laundry area. It’s funny how happy the little things can make me.  Aaaaah…

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