Kitchen Mini Facelift

There is a new project starting to brew at the Moshier’s Cape House II.  It includes updating the amazingly vibrant kitchen!

The kitchen is currently painted a custom color that is blueish / purplish and has people gasping at it’s awesomeness or choking back comments. I can see it in their eyes when they walk in. It’s not an easy sight to see and not react to in some way.

And while the kitchen was the best looking kitchen we saw in any of the houses in our price range, the cabinets are a funny set of re-purposed cabinets that hang in solitary. We are hoping some fillers, shelves, and fresh coat of paint make them have purpose.

I started pining navy and white kitchens and grey kitchens a while ago. We decided to go with what works best with the existing granite and that seems to be all grey cabinets. Plus the kitchen photos that I’ve seen in all grey have a calming feeling that make me go ‘awww’… and not ‘this wall color is crazy!’  And by crazy, I do mean crazy good. But it’s time to let go.

As anyone in the home improvement department well knows, there are a bazillion shades of grey. We set about finding the right one over the weekend. To do this, I picked up a half-dozen paint swatches instead of three dozen! That reduced our options right off from the start.

The colors we are narrowing in on include Grey Owl and Intense White by Benjamin Moore. Despite the name Intense White, the hue is actually a warmish grey.

Since I’m utterly indecisive with paint sometimes, I then changed the discussion to whether we paint the cabinets the lighter and darker grey. The other color would go on the walls. My hesitation with the light grey on the walls was that I feared it would blend into the built in dining set (here) a little too much. But, after staring at the sample for the day in all lights I decided that either is a win!

Now I just need to commit to the project that will take cleaning, sanding, priming, painting, and maybe even sealing with polyurethane.

Wish us luck!

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