Kitchen Primer

This is not going to be a very glamorous post.  You’ve been warned. We started the kitchen project late on Saturday and I woke up on Sunday to this.

I thought that was chaotic but it really only got worse as we emptied each cabinet.

We had to clean, sand, and prime each cabinet face. This wasn’t that bad but we had started with the Benjamin Moore Fresh Start interior primer but it was not sticking well.  So we had to re-sand and then apply the KILZ low VOC primer. This was much better. Lesson learned.

I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day and give HHH (Headless Husband Howard) most of the credit for trucking through. I was most useful in the small spaces as seen here in my pajamas. Note: this is not the first time I’ve braved the public internet waves in my pajamas…

So the day ended with everything primed and dinner that was mostly cooked on the grill with minimal dishes to be done.

HHH even started to take off what he insisted was a faux plastic brick backsplash. Wrong! At least it’s a veneer and not full depth bricks!

We tested one more grey paint from the ‘Cape I house’  which is Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist from the office project here. Only it looked less grey and more tan in the space. We are planning to proceed with Benjamin Moore’s Grey Owl as shown on the left side in the sample below.

For now the main goal is get all of the cabinet and wall painting finished. Then we need to put a filler between the sink cabinet and the refrigerator, tile the wall backsplash, and add some shelves in the corner. We may also in a new refrigerator and a new sink faucet. But one thing at a time.


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