Grey Owl

I can’t believe it. We proceeded without hesitation to buy the kitchen cabinet paint which is a miracle. If you’ve followed our home improvements, you’d know that we are really indecisive when it comes to paint colors. Pretty funny since paint is the easiest thing to change!

We chose Benjamin Moore’s Grey Owl for the win!

While we made the decision quite quickly, I still had a little internal debate about how we may have just destroyed a perfectly functional kitchen all because of a little can of paint.  But, it was totally worth it. The cabinets look really zen in the space and almost make the purple look like a good design decision.  But, we started to prime the walls  so love that purple while you can!

Our trusty neighborhood hardware store steered us to Benjamin Moore’s Advance paint. We were told it does a better job of blending in any brush strokes.  While not zero VOC, we gave it a shot. It was worth it! The paint went on beautifully although it does have a longer drying time. This may have been seen as a bad thing when trying to get a project done. But it meant we had a little time to walk the beach after two days of painting inside.

Till next weekend friends!

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