One Last Bath

The upstairs bathroom has gone through various stages of mini-makeovers on the blog.  We always knew it needed a full gut job but the effort to take out the tub…. yikes.

A few projects managed to get us  eight years out of the bath (really? eight years?!)!  You can check them out here:

And tomorrow is the BIG DAY when a professional crew comes to demolish all of that modest work. It’s overdue. It’s totally time. I am really excited. Yet, I am so anxious to relinquish control and so overwhelmed with what is to come. And poor Coco cat isn’t going to know what hit.

The space is so small that it was hard to get some decent before photos but I did try. I also got some scary closeups just to prove that the bathroom needs repair and it’s not all for show because this girl thinks she needs to feel soft marble under her toes in the morning. But I really do need that too.

Let’s see… there’s the chipped sink, the cracked floor tile, the rotting window, and the chipped tub.

I’m suspecting the contractors will not be too happy to see me snapping photos while working so we’ll just have let them work their magic.  I can promise you, in the history of the blog, this will be the fastest project ever!

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