Bath Demo Done

Demo day came and went. It only took the crew a day, maybe a little less, to rip out what was the bathroom and install two new windows (one in the bath and one in the kitchen). Seriously, this is why you hire the pros. That amount of work would have taken us 6 months if we did it ourselves. Amazing!

It seems the bathroom has really good bones which I think surprised me. I thought there would be something hidden between two layers of walls and two ceilings. We were lucky. We even gained a half an inch in the process of removing extra walls. We had only had one hiccup, and it involves a rather large copper pipe that is right where I wanted to install the recessed vanity.

Panic mode has since ensued in my mind since I sacrificed any vanity storage to have a cool leggy vanity which would show off the floors.  Now I don’t even have space for a toothbrush unless we execute a Plan B. This was not something I had thought about. I thought the shower niche might be something that couldn’t happen but not a medicine cabinet!

To the left of the vanity was a former medicine cabinet it seemed. HHH (Headless Husband Howard) told that back in the olden days glass was very expensive so people didn’t have medicine cabinets. This house was built in 1969…. but I guess that’s the olden days for us youngsters!  Anyways, it looks like we will have to build out a shelf once again to the side of the vanity cabinet to rest that toothbrush and the 10 gallons of lotions and potions that I use daily.

The rest of the finishes, along with a new mirror, were selected this week.  They include tile for the niche and the quartz counter top.

I originally didn’t order tile for the niche since I thought it might not happen and the tile store prices really warrant a full commitment. There are tons of mosaic tiles at Home Depot, and while not the same quality, I suspect will be just fine for the niche.

The schedule for finishing really depends on the inspectors I’m told. The electric work was done and passed inspection. Plumbing is next. Then I believe we need a building inspector, and then the finishes can go in.

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