All Tiled Up

I have to jump right to the punch line on this one…. check out my new sexy floor!

I’m pretty excited about this floor. It took the most time to find and is where most of my budget went but it is perfect!

I’ve had my share of panic along the way.  Like when the shower tile first went in and wasn’t grouted.

But don’t worry, it looks totally normal with some grout.

And then was panic over the sink that was too big for the 30 inch vanity.

This spun me into a frazzle and resulted in possibly my first solo trip to Home Depot the night before they came to lay the counter template. 

I thought things would move along quicker but each step, while not too time consuming for the contractors it seems, takes a day in itself. And when things go wrong, it sets us back too. Take the trim installation which I am having them change tomorrow.  It wasn’t anything I pictured in my head. And for this, I’ve learned I need to be really specific on what I want.  Lesson learned.  And I probably should learn to stop overthinking every.little.detail. 

The progress has slowed this week and it is making me second guess every decision after a few hiccups. How much overhang for the countertop? Which hardware looks best? Did I order the wrong mirror? The wrong sink? Why is the shower tile grouted to the radiator cover? And the new walls need repairing – already?

In the end I have to live with less than perfect and remind myself that no project is ever perfect. And perfect is so subjective anyways.

But look at that floor…!

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