The Colors Game

We’ve made a little, but not much, progress on the kitchen project in the last couple weeks. The weather has been so humid that we haven’t had much of a window to work under the “less than the 65 percent maximum humidity” threshold.  So it’s been slow going.

The kitchen is actually blinding now that the periwinkle color is a thing of the past. And without any window treatments, the sun has a way of penetrating into your eyes no matter where you sit.  I really should take up wearing sunglasses in the space.

We went back to the paint store to proceed with our color choice of Benjamin Moore’s Intense White, only to find out that it was almost the same color as the cabinets.

After three coats of Grey Owl, we really think the color was a fail by the paint store. This was confirmed after trying another wall color sample that failed. But we aren’t looking back. We are just spinning with options! Per usual.

HHH (Headless Husband Howard) also made it his mission to rip out all of the thin brick back splash and patch the walls.

It’s days like these that I wonder what the house would look like without him.

We still have plans to install a white subway tile back splash. But, given the amount of time the painting has taken already, we may just live with paint for now. It’s more of a priority for us to get the rest of the shelves built so I can put back the dinnerware that is currently stored in the living room.

One day at a time.


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