Clap For It

Another week of vacation equaled another project on the house.  At a glance, it might be hard to see the difference in the two photos below.  If you notice a couple stripes, you are close!

We replaced the clapboard on two sides of the Cape house.  The rest of the house had been redone except these two sides. And while the clapboards themselves were in great condition, the paint was peeling and they needed plywood underneath to bring out the face so that the window trim was not over the clapboards. Wonky, right?

So, it went down a little something like this…. demo, plywood, sheathing, clapboard, trim, clapboard, trim, dinner and a cocktail.

It was slow going when I was just in charge of leveling and holding the 4 inch spacer between boards. Once I started using the saw and priming the edges things took off at a faster clip. But, the downfall to that was that I made a few boards too short. Doh.

Don’t the new window sills just make  your heart sing?

I wasn’t the only one loving this project. Coco the cat loved all the outdoor family time.

And since one project always leads to another…

This was the result of too much banging on the exterior wall.

Next up paint colors. For now, we are digging the pre-primed grey.

Anyone want to wager how long it will take us to pick a color?

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