Intense White

In typical fashion, our choice of paint colors didn’t come easy. Over the years I have hoarded Benjamin Moore sample sheets so I’m absolutely sure we didn’t miss a particular shade of white, grey or tan.


The colors were narrowed down to:

  • Horizon
  • Paper White
  • Light Pewter



We tested the three samples on a piece of white primed wood. And behold, two of the three looked too blue. Light pewter was the only contender and it still felt too dark.


Funny enough, this was the same piece of wood we had used for picking the colors of the kitchen cabinets last summer (here). So when we flipped it over, we had three more colors to pick from.

And the winner came in as Intense White – which was on the back of the sample board and was supposed to be the wall color in the kitchen originally. Intense White is a really like tan with a little grey. In these photos it still looks grey because some of the grey primer is coming through the paint.


At least one more coat is needed. But, we are getting a quote to get the house professionally painted cuz:

  1. Time. I’m getting old and the days are getting shorter.
  2. I want the existing clapboard prepped professionally so the paint really sticks and we aren’t doing this again a couple years.


But, if we do paint ourselves for some reason, we have a system down. HHH (Headless Husband Howard) uses a roller to distribute the paint and then I use a brush to get the paint in the grooves of the wood. I wish I could take credit for this speedy application but google taught me. 




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