Blinded By the White

I’m happy to report that the house was painted back in the fall. What a relief to have gotten that done by professionals that dodged storm after storm. We would have had to wait until the spring but now it’s d.on.e.  Well almost… but more about that in a minute. You didn’t think it was really over did ya?

We went Benjamin Moore’s intense white and I definitely reacted by like oh-shykes, what have we done? when we first caught sight of it in the bright sun. The color was much more yellow and blinding than I thought we had original chosen. See comparison below.

But, as the sun began to set, it turned into the tanner grey that I knew we wanted. So, let that be a lesson, cocktail hour on the patio is not the time to decide on paint colors.

The good news, is that we spend our days at the beach and spend our outdoor time in the evening so we’ll be seeing the color we wanted.

Before :



Now for the remaining to do list:

  1. Wash the roof
  2. Paint the shed to match
  3. Attempt to spray paint the almond screen door frames to white. HHH thinks we should just replace the doors but we all know I am very skilled with spray paint.
  4. Change the front door color? That was a whole adventure here and here if you missed it.
  5. Stain the cedar shingles in the back

And go ahead with new landscaping. Bye to the amazing whale sculpture. Can you see it now?

Does it ever end? You know the answer.

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